Monday, May 30, 2011

The scary tornado warning!

About a week ago a scary thing happened here.  There were loud sirens and the power went out.  Sarah, our mom, was very upset and took us all into the bathroom to hide.  She didn't want any harm to come to us if a tornado came through here.  She was talking to her sister about how bad the tornado had torn up the town several years ago.  I've never seen her so upset! 

She took a photo of the clouds outside.  They looked ominous.  Then there were loud sounds and I heard them talking about hail.  This made me so nervous because of what I've experienced before.  It brought back a flood emotions and memories.  My heart was pounding and I could hardly breathe. 

While we were hiding the nice boy doll Kyle was next to me.  He noticed that I was having trouble and was very kind to me.  I understand his desire to help.  He was so warm and friendly that I actually started to open up to him a little.  Sarah noticed and has started keeping me near Kyle.  This makes me very happy because I feel safe around him.  Molly is very busy lately so it's nice to have someone else that I can be close to.

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