Monday, June 16, 2014

Such a beautiful day

Such a lovely day to spend time in the garden!  

I haven't posted in such a long time!  I've taken a TON of photos and had many adventures. Sometimes life just gets so busy you don't have time to post about the fun little things.  

Miki has been updating her Facebook page a bit more often.

I hope to get more posts up soon! ♥

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Creepy Coconuts 2011

This is our first year participating in Creepy Coconuts hosted by American Girl Playthings.  We had so much fun!!  We made treats to share with others who participated and sent them in.  Then a few week later we got our box!
Miki was very interested in what was in the box.  I got to read the posts about the past years exchanges with Sarah so I had a bit more of an idea of what we would see.  I was still SO surprised!!  Everyone who made stuff was So talented.
Ivy took all the best costumes!  We loved the the candy that was just the right size for us♥♥
We had the best time today!  Please feel free to check out our entire album.  Ohhh, I just love Halloween :)


Saturday, September 3, 2011

I got to go the wedding!!

I must be the most lucky doll here!  Sarah picked ME to be in her wedding!!  If I had to guess I would have thought she would take Samantha because she's her childhood doll.  Nope, Samantha must have wanted to stay home because she didn't seem to even mind that I was picked!! whoohoo!

Ok, so I found out I would get to on the trip when Sarah presented me with a beautiful junior bridesmaid dress.  I just loved the color.  I helped her pack up her box with her wedding dress to be shipped down to Texas.

When the big day came I stowed away in Sarah's big backpack.  It wasn't that comfortable but she was very and pack everything I would need.  I got x-rayed a couple times.  I guess it was a bit unusual for a woman to have a big doll in her backpack! lol  Then Sarah took me out on the airplane.  It was wonderful to see the view!  I was so excited.  She even let me play some Angry Birds on Tom's iPhone witch was like an iPad for me :)

When we got to Abuelita's House (Tom's parents) she had a wonderful soup made for us.  Ohh it was so good!  She loved me.  She told me that my name Marisol means sea sun.  I go by Mary now but it really made me appreciate my real name, Marisol, even more.  First thing I wanted to do was take a swim in the gorgeous pool Ita has.  Ahh is was wonderful warm water.

I had lots of little adventures.  You are welcome to check my photo album if you would like to see :)  The highlight of the trip was the wedding of course!  I think Sarah looked the that happiest bride ever.  She and Tom love each other a lot and you could really see that.  The flower girl REALLY loved me.  We even looked alike :)  We ran off together for much of the night.  We still don't have the photos back from the photographer but she took one of me and Sarah that I just can't wait to see!!

Thanks for reading my ramblings!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Miki's Adventure

Hi, I'm Miki and I'm the newest girl here ^.^
My human took me to visit the Farmers Market where she and her partner go every Saturday.  It was a wonderful adventure.  Sarah is shy so she kept me in her big blue bag most of the time.  I did get to come out to go shopping tho!  She bought me a cute strawberry hat.  Sarah thinks it's just a little to big but I think it's just right!  The lady selling the hat seemed a little weirded out by me :*(  
But then Sarah got all excited because she saw someone selling dresses made specifically for dolls my size!  That lady seemed happy to see me.  She didn't know much about me but was at least friendly to my shopping around with Sarah.  She bought me the cutiest dress!  It's made of vintage sheets, reversible, and SO soft.
Then Sarah and her partner had a nice breakfast in the park.  He was very nice and told her to go ahead and get me changed and take some photos.  Sarah was much more shy than I was but all and all the trip was a blast!  I feel very special because I'm the only doll here who as gotten to go out shopping ;)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ohhh look a honu!!

Sarah gave me this wonderful hunu today!  Hunu (hoh-NOO) is Hawaiin for green sea turtle.  This little guy has a very special meaning to me.  An old friend of mine, Tutu Lani, back when I lived in Hawaii told me a story of a girl who was saved by a sea turtle.  She was scared of him at first but then opened her eyes and saw the honu was not there to hurt her and followed it to safety. 

This reminds me to always try to see the best in every situation.  I was a little nervous when I came to live here in Iowa but I see now that I have many wonderful friends and a good life here.  Mary is my closest friend here.  She was very happy to see my new honu as well!  And of coarse I can forget Barksee. He wanted to see too!


Monday, May 30, 2011

The scary tornado warning!

About a week ago a scary thing happened here.  There were loud sirens and the power went out.  Sarah, our mom, was very upset and took us all into the bathroom to hide.  She didn't want any harm to come to us if a tornado came through here.  She was talking to her sister about how bad the tornado had torn up the town several years ago.  I've never seen her so upset! 

She took a photo of the clouds outside.  They looked ominous.  Then there were loud sounds and I heard them talking about hail.  This made me so nervous because of what I've experienced before.  It brought back a flood emotions and memories.  My heart was pounding and I could hardly breathe. 

While we were hiding the nice boy doll Kyle was next to me.  He noticed that I was having trouble and was very kind to me.  I understand his desire to help.  He was so warm and friendly that I actually started to open up to him a little.  Sarah noticed and has started keeping me near Kyle.  This makes me very happy because I feel safe around him.  Molly is very busy lately so it's nice to have someone else that I can be close to.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

We had company!

Last night two really neat girls came to visit us!  I got to hang out with them most of the night.  Their names are Sophie and Rose.  We played with Caleb and their girl Rosie.  I shared my scooter, or as Caleb calls it, moped with Sophie.  She had a great time! 
Both of the girls got their hair done by Caleb's mommy.  She really enjoys doing the girls hair.  All and all we had great fun night.  I love meeting new dolls and playing with the kids!