Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Miki's Adventure

Hi, I'm Miki and I'm the newest girl here ^.^
My human took me to visit the Farmers Market where she and her partner go every Saturday.  It was a wonderful adventure.  Sarah is shy so she kept me in her big blue bag most of the time.  I did get to come out to go shopping tho!  She bought me a cute strawberry hat.  Sarah thinks it's just a little to big but I think it's just right!  The lady selling the hat seemed a little weirded out by me :*(  
But then Sarah got all excited because she saw someone selling dresses made specifically for dolls my size!  That lady seemed happy to see me.  She didn't know much about me but was at least friendly to my shopping around with Sarah.  She bought me the cutiest dress!  It's made of vintage sheets, reversible, and SO soft.
Then Sarah and her partner had a nice breakfast in the park.  He was very nice and told her to go ahead and get me changed and take some photos.  Sarah was much more shy than I was but all and all the trip was a blast!  I feel very special because I'm the only doll here who as gotten to go out shopping ;)


  1. Hi Miki! I'm Wendy. =)

    Sounds like you had fun on your shopping trip! I love your new dress and hat. =D

  2. Hi Miki,
    Your new hat and dress are cute. Tell Sarah not to worry too much. Most people think it's sweet to see an AG out and about in the world.
    Summer and Hannah

  3. Hi Miki,

    You are so cute! I'm glad Sarah was brave enough to take you out. Sometimes you just have to work past that shyness and take the plunge. I know. Laura is ridiculously shy, and I am a traveling doll! I have to get out and about, and Laura better not stop me!

    Really cute dress, by the way. :)


    P.S. Laura is PrincessRuthie, by the way.

  4. Salut, Miki!
    My name is Sabine, and I am a fourteen-year-old French girl. I wouldn't necessarily say I am shy, but I do much better around people I know well.
    My person is agalamode, by the way! :)