Saturday, September 3, 2011

I got to go the wedding!!

I must be the most lucky doll here!  Sarah picked ME to be in her wedding!!  If I had to guess I would have thought she would take Samantha because she's her childhood doll.  Nope, Samantha must have wanted to stay home because she didn't seem to even mind that I was picked!! whoohoo!

Ok, so I found out I would get to on the trip when Sarah presented me with a beautiful junior bridesmaid dress.  I just loved the color.  I helped her pack up her box with her wedding dress to be shipped down to Texas.

When the big day came I stowed away in Sarah's big backpack.  It wasn't that comfortable but she was very and pack everything I would need.  I got x-rayed a couple times.  I guess it was a bit unusual for a woman to have a big doll in her backpack! lol  Then Sarah took me out on the airplane.  It was wonderful to see the view!  I was so excited.  She even let me play some Angry Birds on Tom's iPhone witch was like an iPad for me :)

When we got to Abuelita's House (Tom's parents) she had a wonderful soup made for us.  Ohh it was so good!  She loved me.  She told me that my name Marisol means sea sun.  I go by Mary now but it really made me appreciate my real name, Marisol, even more.  First thing I wanted to do was take a swim in the gorgeous pool Ita has.  Ahh is was wonderful warm water.

I had lots of little adventures.  You are welcome to check my photo album if you would like to see :)  The highlight of the trip was the wedding of course!  I think Sarah looked the that happiest bride ever.  She and Tom love each other a lot and you could really see that.  The flower girl REALLY loved me.  We even looked alike :)  We ran off together for much of the night.  We still don't have the photos back from the photographer but she took one of me and Sarah that I just can't wait to see!!

Thanks for reading my ramblings!


  1. Looks like you had an awesome trip! "Sea sun" is a really cool name!!
    - Maisie

  2. Oh and thank you so much for the comment on my blog!! :D
    - Maisie